Financial Training and Mentoring

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Financial Training and Mentoring

Countryside Consulting Staff  provide personalized financial training and mentoring for nonprofit executives including Board Members, Chief Executive Officers, Executive Directors, Program Directors, and Development Directors. Typical topics for small group training include Finance 101, What Major Donors Look for in NPO Financials, Finance Committee Essentials, and Form 990 Basic Boot Camp. These training have been held in Chester County and the surrounding areas in Southeast Pennsylvania. Other specialized topics can easily be developed for a targeted audience.

In their extensive years of working with tax exempt organizations, CCI Staff have found that executives benefit greatly from personalized mentorship that enables them to confidently interpret their organization’s financial statements in a manner that facilitates informed decision-making. Executives become comfortable with their organization’s Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Budget, Forecast, Cash Projection, and Financial Metrics with CCI’s assistance.

Also, one-on-one training for Program Directors and Development Directors is conducted to mentor an individual in a specific project such as building a program budget and plan or a financial forecast including tracking of funding sources earned, used and available. Often excel skills are improved in the process of working together and trying new methods of modeling.

A well rounded nonprofit executive with a broad range of skills and understandings will serve the nonprofit organization better by being an effective leader over all of their areas of responsibility. As Meghan McVety, Principal and Co-Founder of Capacity for Change, LLC has stated in her Ready for Tomorrow workshop, leadership is the ability of a person to get the right things done right at the right time with the help of the right people. That includes knowing how and when to rely on financial experts to enhance the nonprofit executive’s financial knowledge.

Financial training, and financial mentoring in Chester County, PA


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