Our Values

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Sustainable Business Values

Countryside Consulting is committed to building a more socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable local economy. The CCI Team regularly supports local businesses in the community and believes that all segments of the community should participate in maintaining a viable local economy.

CCI Staff advocate for the production of local, organic, and fair trade foods and the development of thriving local food sheds. Louise Schorn Smith, President of CCI, is a lifetime member of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and a Board Member of the Rodale Institute. She has supported the local farm community in Chester County in many ways for more than twenty years.

CCI Staff actively try to reduce waste, promote recycling, and purchase products that are least harmful to the environment and human health. They are mindful of the effect that their actions have on future generations. These traits resonate well with their nonprofit clients who have similar concerns for our society and environment.

While CCI’s work takes place in many locations, the main office is located in Eagleview, a “walkable” new urbanist community situated between the rustic farms and woodlands of Chester County that strives to overcome the fragmentation of the modern community and integrate the home, market and workplace. Eagleview is located just minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Exit 312 in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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